Hilco Homes


Hilco Homes is the company of Marco and Hillary Romero. We created this company to help families who need to sell their homes despite the difficult circumstances life may bring. Between the two of us we share over 7 years of real estate experience including wholesaling, rehabbing, listing/selling, owner-financing and purchasing. To date, we have been a part of over 250 real estate transactions. Being involved in this many transactions has taught us the fair way of doing real estate, which includes honesty and understanding. Too many companies forget to put people first, and we strive to make that our number one priority with each home. We know that you can work with anyone or any company, but we pride ourselves on creating win-win situations with integrity that will have everyone pleased at the end.

If you feel overwhelmed or are looking for the next step, we would be happy to assist you through the entire process. It is our mission to make a potentially complex situation very simple.

Thank You, Marco and Hillary Romero